Sailing ships cannot proceed directly into the wind, but often need to go in that direction.

Movement is achieved by tacking.

Marketing is like sailing. It has the potential to be incredibly powerful and drive ships around the world at considerable speed.

But the ship itself has no power. Rather, it is designed to harness the power of the wind.

And great marketing is designed to harness the power of the market.

Most notably, the individual will of the consumer.

The consumers’ will, much like the wind, is unpredictable. There is a clear direction in both the wind and the consumers’ motivational will; but knowing why it is sailing in a certain direction is often difficult to know. Consumers are like the wind – drawn ineluctably in a particular direction, but often without knowing why.

The smart marketer anticipates the will of the customer and strategically uses it to navigate in the best or most ideal direction.

Applying this perspective, the marketer no more leads the consumer than the sailor leads the wind.

Yes, the sailor has destinations in mind, and sometimes, these are difficult to reach. The sailor needs special skills, plotting angles and use of the wind while tacking towards their destination.

Sometimes, the destination is difficult to reach; it is a point within a cove laying to windward. In this situation, the wise sailor will lay off, and wait until the wind is blowing in a more favorable direction.

If the marketer is encountering challenges, it may be because they are trying to oppose the winds and currents that make up the market.

Marketing is like sailing and progress is made by marshaling the full power of the market.

Good marketers meet the market’s will.

Great marketers anticipate the market’s will.

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