Our Approach

We have always loved the tacking metaphor, because in business you cannot always know which way the wind is going to blow. As an independent marketing management consultancy agency, we transform ‘marketing as usual’ by activating relationships with people in wildly inventive and genuinely authentic ways.

Like the wind, market conditions change and create opportunities to maneuver and alter course in a coordinated way, even as competitors are still sorting out what is happening or deliberating the mechanics.

Tack Right harnesses the power of media, creativity and data to work strategically as one. Leading a sailing team requires emphasis on some of the same things as leading a business team. In both instances, a well-rehearsed effort can accelerate you ahead of the competition at key moments.

Getting to your destination needs to happen a little bit at a time, or it can seem overwhelming. We believe in focusing on a handful of measurable goals and using the resources available so to best avoid obstacles and move your business forward.


To execute the right marketing strategies and tactics for your business is no easy task! Perhaps you have a great internal team of marketers who can implement what is asked of them, but they do not quite have the experience to create annual, quarterly, or even monthly marketing strategies for the future of your business. And it is not necessarily their fault. To create whole strategies for a company takes years of experience in marketing. So, you might be thinking, maybe I should just hire experienced marketers. Unfortunately, hiring an experienced group for your internal team can prove to be quite expensive. So, what is your other option? You can partner with Tack Right!

Think of us as an extension of your business. Taking a holistic approach to brand strategy and marketing communication, we have the resources and skills to transform ‘marketing as usual’ by activating relationships with people in inventive and genuinely authentic ways to effectively promote your company across all channels.

At Tack Right, we know exactly what it will take to help your company achieve success in both the short and long term. With our guidance and marketing techniques, your company will be well on the way to making great strides in no time!


A well-designed new client onboarding process is the first step toward having the best agency-client collaboration. The onboarding process ensures that both the agency and the client are clear on:

  • Project goals
  • Roles and responsibilities of the agency and client’s team members
  • Buyer personas for the client’s business
  • Communication expectations
  • Project strategy
  • Reporting plan


At Tack Right, everything we do starts with one question: ‘How does the consumer see this?’  If you want your company to truly succeed, you need to put the consumer first!

Is your brand engaging with consumers or marketing to them? There is a definite difference here and examining the difference could change your approach to your brand’s story.

We spend a great deal of time thinking about how marketing has changed and is changing. We look back to the more traditional forms of advertising and how the goal was to push a brand in front of as many people as possible.

Today, while marketing has evolved tremendously, we think that many are stuck in an old mindset. Marketers today will tell you digital has changed the way in which we can engage with consumers, and they are right.

The reality, though, is that under the layer of rhetoric (“right time, right place, right device” again), most marketers live in a channel-first world.

Most agencies today will go straight to the channels you should focus on or the data you should be collecting and analyzing. Yes, these are pieces to the puzzle, but at Tack Right we strongly believe that fundamental growth may depend on a more transformational shift.

We often think that it would interesting to create an agency for the people, not the brand — where the consumers would hire you to go and change a brand to make it more appealing to them. Imagine the conversations that would spark — and the data you really need to look at to anticipate what those conversations would be.

Really, truly put yourself in the shoes of the consumer.  We do!


At Tack Right, we bring together people with a wide variety of backgrounds and skills to generate the best ideas and believe in engendering a culture of inclusiveness and fostering the spirit of innovation.

We wholeheartedly accept employees from every walk of life, from every background, both professional and personal. Our workplace is bright, vibrant, fun; our employees are engaged, creative and totally invested in the work they do. This is no accident.

You cannot put a price on employees feeling like they work somewhere they belong. Many people spend nearly as much time with their own families as they do with their colleagues, so engendering a spirit of inclusiveness and acceptance is utterly invaluable and unequivocally crucial to the success of any business. A diverse workplace means everyone is welcome.


From achieving stronger awareness to engaging with your target audience, consistency is key. However, we want to introduce a curveball – flexibility.

At Tack Right, we think that flexibility is also key to your marketing strategy. In fact, we think it pushes good marketing into the realm of genuinely great marketing. If your marketing strategy and branding allows for flexibility – while still maintaining a consistent backbone – then this is when we think you see real results from your marketing strategy.


Imagine you are in a business meeting discussing the upcoming year’s goals, objectives, and path to implement forward-thinking marketing strategies.

How often have you heard, ‘Because we’ve always done it that way’, in response to a well-founded ‘Why?’

It’s easy to let the convenience of routine dictate your marketing strategy, especially if it has worked for you in the past. However, while the tried-and-true strategy may prove somewhat successful, considering how forward-thinking strategies move businesses towards growth, you are not doing yourself or your business any favors by ‘doing what you’ve always done.’

Forward thinking in today’s marketing environment is not only advantageous to your business—it is an absolute necessity. Implementing marketing strategies that look to the future help your business utilize smart marketing and stay up to date on the best new ways to communicate with consumers.

Business best practice methods combined with a forward-thinking mentality can result in extremely successful, profitable results when making decisions relative to your marketing spending. And it is vital to remember consumers when developing a forward-thinking strategy.

Establishing best practice methodology is the foundation for a successful business and forward-thinking marketing is critical.  By combining the two into one singular strategy, you can develop better targeted content and increase customer engagement. It all comes down to embracing change.

Remember that you do not have to throw out your entire strategy for a completely new one. Change can happen incrementally and over time. If you are moving towards a new strategy and implementing it piece by piece, you are moving in the right direction.


The world is constantly changing. Your strategy should, too. We deliver strategies that evolve, adapt, and grow with your business.

How you set your strategy constrains the kind of strategy you develop. With a clear understanding of the strategic styles available and the conditions under which each is appropriate, more companies can do what we have found that the most successful are already doing—deploying their unique capabilities and resources to better capture the opportunities available to them.


We are always experimenting with new technologies, discovering stories in data, and using what we learn.

Marketing experiments differentiate innovative companies from the bland ones. Experimentation is what leads to breakthroughs—allowing your company to stand out while your competitors blend in.

At Tack Right we are constantly applying new methods to analyze the effectiveness of our clients’ campaigns, and they are getting more accurate results more quickly with incrementality measurement.